Friday, March 20, 2009

"In the beginning..."

Whatever this Christian phenomenon was, it was certainly not the beige system of thought that had been presented to me. Rather it seemed to me the strangest, most exotic, surprising, and uncanny of all the religious paths I had encountered. For at the very center of it is…a God who comes after us with a reckless abandon, breaking open his own heart in love in order to include us in the rhythm of his own life. ~ Fr. Robert Barron

<-- This is me, metaphorically speaking. Or maybe literally? Wouldn't it be sweet if this were actually a picture of me in the womb 27+ years ago? Although I doubt they had this kind of technology back in '82. But back to metaphors, I am but a fetus in the blogosphere, full of potential and life. I've been leery of the idea of blogging for a good while, but I figure with a specific focus and a specific audience, I can avoid being too self-serving (although I don't promise to avoid soapboxes).

Hence, welcome aboard the "U.S.S. Through Catholic Eyes", a vessel for blogging from a Catholic perspective, challenging elements of the country and world with a worldview that starts and ends with the Church in a real and accessible way! Thanks for joining me!

I've always liked the image of the Church as being "radically moderate"; daring to radically avoid the extremes that threaten humanity and the earth. i.e. A Catholic...

- Lives in and through the Trinity regardless of the situation
- Avoids the extremes of addiction and puritanism
- Finds a spirituality that's unique to their personal call
- Lives a morality that lies between relativism and scrupulosity
- Realizes that being Catholic looks different for everyone (i.e. the theology of vocation)
- Doesn't embrace the material world as totally fulfilling or reject it as completely evil
- Can't
, in good conscience, be a full-platform Republican or Democrat

So there's the theology I'm working with, flavored with the spice of my own life and ministry experiences... Like it? Disagree? Don't just sit there, let me know!

And I can't think of a more appropriate way to end this flagship post than with this little guy right here! I think he embraces the truth and love of the Church, don't you?

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St Bens said...
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Luke J said...

Hey Pat! Good call on the blog! I've been debating getting a blog going too, but you stole my topic. Jerk. Anywho, I liked the comment about not fully embracing the Democratic or Republican platform. I struggle with that a lot in deciding a candidate, as both exude characteristics that are in line with Catholic Social Teaching, while on the other hand also support issues that go against everything the church stands for. Think we could make our own political party? The Repemlicats? The Dempublicans? Anyway, I'll definitely be following your blog, and crashing the party now and then!